Worried your kids are spending too much time on their screens? 

The Box of Play gives busy parents creative and lively activities to help get kids off their screens and on to having fun!

For ages 5-9



Check out this video of what comes inside a Box of Play.

How it works


1. Choose a Subscription

Choose how long you would like to receive Box of Play. 


2. Check Your Mailbox

Our subscription boxes ship out on the 4th of each month!


3. Start Your Adventure

Get offscreen and into creative adventures!  Your child will have fun with  new themed boxes each month!



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You can sign up for 1, 3, or 6 months of Box of Play!


In today's technology-driven world where kids are addicted to their electronic devices, I want to make sure my kids still spend time doing good old-fashion play that taps into their creativity in a fun, educational way. I love that Unplugged Adventures Box of Play provides one-of-a-kind activities that my kids get excited about. We use activities from the box at home, at restaurants or while traveling. My kids enjoy the activities, and I am glad I'm able to provide my kids with alternatives to electronic devices that I can feel good about.

- Maria Adcock of www.BIculturalMama.com



My daughter loved the Unplugged Adventures box. It has a variety of games that she re played over several days and each time the play was different each time! It was great beacuse it something off screen that she asked to do. The box got her into making up stories, and help develop her creativity. It is a  unique and quirky box, by an artist, so different than other boxes. It’s playful games causes everyone to use your brain, and is super fun for kids!

- Christina Nicholson


Screen time facts

Its important for your kid to play off screen. There are many dangers associated with to much screen time.

1. Development problems  Excessive screen time messes with some aspects of cognitive development in elementary children, such as lack of  attention, concentration and memory.

2. Behavioral problems - Elementary children who use excessive screen time are more likely to have emotional, social, and attention problems. 

3. Obscenity  To much screen time with causes kids to not move around and that can lead to weight problems.

We're not saying all screen time is bad, there just needs to be a balance. Box of Play can help all of this, by giving busy parents fun creative movement games that your kids will want to play off screen! We want kids to be as awesome as they can be!

Here is an article about screen time that Box of Play was interviewed for.


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Ryan Sias is an author, illustrator, and animation director. He’s done 10 picture books worked on an Oscar winning film and currently creating shorts for Sesame Workshop!

He decided to roll up his sleeves and do something about screen addiction, so he launched an activity-based subscription box, Box of Play, for kids to exercise their personalities and imagination.

Ryan started doodling and drawing when he was three years old and never stopped. He was blessed with a Mom who taught Kindergarten and a dad who taught industrial design. He spent summers on sail boats, and know lots of fun games to do without screens.